The Book is Finished!

I’ve started and abandoned this blog post three times now.

The first time was in October after I finished the majority of my book’s edits, but I was confused about what comes next in my publishing career. The second time I tried writing this was in December when I got overwhelmed by my options.

And now it’s January 2021, and the world is exploding.

My little romance book feels very insignificant in the grand scheme of things, as does my musings about it. People are dying of COVID, our democracy is crumbling, the wealth gap is growing, and the ice caps are melting. It’s a grim time to be alive. Yet another part of me feels like if I can’t celebrate this very big win in my very small life, then what’s left? If everything good must be overshadowed by the terrible, then (to quote a cliché) the terrorists have won.


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My Favorite Coffee Shops for Writing

1862287When I began this freelance writing caper, I had a lot of unrealistic expectations. Most notable include:

  1. I would write for eight plus hours a day. Every day.
  2. I would find it quite easy to write a book. Effortless, even!
  3. I would NEVER waste time during the day doing things like watching Schitt’s Creek, scrolling cute animal feeds on Reddit, or teaching myself sewing machines repair.
  4. I would become one of those elusive coffee shop writers, working on my masterpiece as I sip espresso, preferably wearing a scarf or beret.

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“Well-Written” Romance Novels I Loved

Screen-Shot-2017-08-02-at-4.23.36-PMRecently I saw a tweet by The Ripped Bodice (a romance only bookstore) bemoaning customers that come in with their noses in the air asking for “a well-written romance novel.” Oh boy. As if that’s some kind of mythical beast, a unicorn hidden in a field of trash-eating raccoons.

We’ve got news for you folks; there are a lot of talented authors who happen to write romance! Sure, there are some stinkers out there, but isn’t that true of any fiction genre? So I thought I would spend this post sharing the love for a few of my favorites. These are organized by sub-genre.

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