I Quit My Day Job to Become a Writer

IMG_3944I have decided to quit my job to focus on building my career as a writer.  That sentence comes with one part, “WOO-HOO,” two parts, “WHO DO I THINK I AM?” with a hearty dash of “WHAT AM I THINKING?!”

This decision has been very difficult and is not one I take lightly. I don’t know how long this jaunt will last or if anything will come of it. I don’t know if I will regret my choice or wish I had done it years ago. All I know is that I’m tired of dipping a toe into “my writing thing.’’ The time has come to give it a go for real.

I imagine my friends and family might have some questions about this new direction of my life. So here are some FAQs, many of which I have asked myself. Continue reading